How do I cancel my services?

To cancel a service, it is just a few simple steps:

  1. Sign into our Customer Portal:
  2. Select your product that you would like to cancel. You can do this either under your product/service summary, or from the front page.

  3. Navigate to "Request Cancellation".

  4. Enter in the details of your cancellation, and when you would like the cancellation processed.
    Immediate means that the account will be terminated within the next day.
    End of Billing Period means the account will stay active but will not renew at the next due date.
    You must provide a reason even if it is as simple as "business closed". Please note, we do not actively monitor these requests for support issues, so it is best to open a ticket regarding a specific issue via the helpdesk.

  5. All done. Your request has been submitted and will be automatically processed based on the type you selected.
You will receive a confirmation email regarding the cancellation.

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